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Adapter Sleeve Bearing

Adapter Sleeve Bearing
Adapter Sleeve Bearing
Minimum Order:


Export Ratio:

41% - 50%



Payment Terms:


Price Terms:


Delivery Port:

Shanghai Port

Delivery Time:

35 Days

Market Type:

After Market


Industrial Packing

Current Export Market:

North America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Mid East,Africa,Oceania

Product Details

Product Name:

Adapter Sleeve Bearing

Product Attribute:


Dadi, Dodge, Dongfeng

Product Description:

Wuxi KFL Bearing Co.,Ltd are professional bearing manufacture and exporter.
At present we can supply full series of Adapter Sleeve Bearing
Brand is KFL or OEM serice accept
H205      H306      H2304     H2326     H3038 H206   H307      H2305     H2328     H3040
H207      H308      H2306     H2330     H3044 H208   H309      H2307     H2332     H3048
H209      H310      H2308     H2334     H3052 H210   H311       H2309     H2336     H3056
H211       H312      H2310     H2338     H3060 H212   H313      H2311     H2340     H3064
H213      H314      H2312     H2344     H3068 H214   H315      H2313     H2348     H3072
H215      H316      H2314     H2352     H3076 H216   H317      H2315     H2356     H3080
H217      H318      H2316     H3024     H3084 H218   H319      H2317     H3026     H3088
H219      H320      H2318     H3028     H3092 H220   H322      H2319     H3030     H3096
H222      H324      H2320     H3032     H30/500 H304       H326      H2322     H3034     H30/530 H305      H328      H2324     H3036     H30/560 H3120     H31/500  H3924     H39/560  H30/600 H3122     H31/530  H3926     H39/600  AH226 H3124       H3260     H3928     H39/630  AH228 H3126     H3264     H3930     H39/670  AH230 H3128       H3268     H3032     H39/710  AH232 H3130       H3272     H3934       H39/750  AH234 H3132       H3276     H3936     H39/800  AH236 H3134     H3280     H3938     H39/850  AH238 H3136       H3284     H3940     H39/900  AH×240 H3138     H3288     H3944     H3168     AH×244 H3140     H3292     H3948     AH208    AH×248 H3144     H3296     H3952     AH209    AH×252 H3148     H32/500  H3956     AH210    AH×256 H3152     H32/530  H3960     AH211    AH308 H3156       H32/560  H3964     AH212    AH309 H3160       H32/600  H3968       AH213    AH310 H3164       H32/630  H3972     AH214    AH311 H3168     H32/670  H3976     AH215    AH312 H3172       H32/710  H3980     AH216    AH×313 H3176     H32/750  H3984     AH217    AH×314 H3180     H32/800  H3988     AH218    AH×315 H3184     H32/850  H3992     AH219    AH×316 H3188     H32/900  H3996     AH220    AH317 H3192     H32/950  H39/500  AH222    AH318 H3196       H32/1000       H39/530  AH224    AH319 AH214/710     AH214/900     AH214/560     AH214/750     AH214/600 AH320AH30/630 AH31/850      AH3982  AH24080 AH322   AH30/670      AH31/900      AH3956  AH24084 AH324    AH30/710      AH3218  AH3960  AH24088 AH326   AH30/750      AH3219  AH3964 AH24092 AH328   AH30/800      AH3220  AH3968  AH24096 AH×330AH30/850
AH×3222       AH3972  AH240/500 AH×332      AH30/900      AH×3224       AH3976
AH240/530 AH×334      AH30/950      AH×3226       AH3980  AH240/560
AH×2236       AH30/1000     AH×3228       AH3984  AH240/600
AH×2238       AH30/1060     AH×3230       AH3988  AH240/630
AH2240  AH3120  AH×3232       AH3922  AH240/670 AH2244      AH3122  AH×3234
AH3996  AH240/710 AH2248      AH3124  AH×3236       AH39/500      AH240/750
AH×2252       AH3126  AH×3238       AH39/530      AH240/800
AH×2256       AH3128  AH×3240 

Adapter Sleeve Bearing
Adapter Sleeve Bearing

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